Concentration Camps

There were 20 Concentration and Death Camps built from the slave labor of Jewish prisoners. Not seen on this map are the additional 90+ labor camps that Jews were sent to work for the Nazis. They were building facilities, roads, ditches or tunnels and they were worked to death in miserable conditions. Emanuel’s younger brother Mordchai and father Eliezer were sent to Melk a sub-camp of Mauthausen in Austria where they either died from the inhumane working or living conditions or when the allies were bombing the Nazis they may have been caught in the cross-fire.

Source: Routledge Atlas of Jewish History 8th edition by Martin Gilbert. Map: Andreas Kunze Creative Commons License, via Wikimedia Commons; Photo, Auschwitz gate: Muu-karhu, Creative Commons License, , via Wikimedia Commons. “Arbeit Macht Frei” is German for “Work Makes (You) Free”


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  1. by Margaret Yosub says:

    December 3, 2014

    I still can’t understand how my family suffered so much under the Germans and then after the war were placed in a camp on German land, where I was born in Wasserburg – Gabersee. Until this day the sound of the German language brings me bad feelings. I know that there are many Jews that do not purchase items made in Germany.


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