Robert and Cheryl Mellman

Robert and Cheryl Mellman are my parents. Cheryl Moss-Mellman is the daughter of Manny and Gisela. My parents met while attending SUNY Stony Brook University in New York and were married on August 19, 1984. They had three children together my older brother Stuart, myself, and my younger brother Ross. My parents moved our family shortly after I was born from Long Island, NY to Boca Raton, Florida. My parents began their careers as medical doctors and raised the three of us in a happy and loving¬†home. We couldn’t ask for anything more. Our parents supported us every step of the way through our schooling and personal lives and got us to be where we are today. My older brother Stuart graduated from law school in San Diego, California and will be an attorney. My younger brother will enter college next year and I am finishing a Master’s degree in Journalism at Boston University. My parents are the wisest people I know. They always have the right answers. They have been able to guide me through the trials of my own life and they have never failed to be there thus far. In this videos below they discuss how they met each other. Cheryl describes her relationship with her parents and Robert tells his perspective on meeting the most wonderful in-laws he could ever have.

The Mellman Family 10835024_860229747331094_8895986223297844166_o

The Mellman Family on Thanksgiving 2014