Supriya Muppala
Supriya is a proud graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication. Her parents emigrated from India in the 1980’s with one suitcase and $20 in their pockets. While they are her biggest inspirations in life, she hopes to make them proud by succeeding in an industry other than medicine. Supriya loves spicy food, to the point where she’ll request every hot sauce available at any restaurant she patronizes. She resides in New York City where she hopes to build a successful career in multimedia journalism and communication management.

Pankaj Khadka
Pankaj Khadka (COM’16) is from the historic city of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, which is more popularly known as the land of Mount Everest. A master’s degree candidate in photojournalism, he was recently awarded a 2015 fellowship from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. As a part of the fellowship, he will be spending his 2015 summer documenting the effect of mass migration on the villages in Nepal. The longest non-familial relationship(s) he has had in his life is with his camera(s), which he hopes will continue till death do they part. And he is into all things nature and adventure because #YOLO. Right?

Katherine Lam
Katherine is a recent graduate from Boston University. She has a background in international relations and wants to specialize in reporting on global events using people’s voices and first-hand accounts. Her parents, originally from China, immigrated to the U.S. in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The majority of her 20+ family members now reside in New Jersey where they get together every Chinese New Year to feast. Infatuated with traveling, Katherine wants to travel to all seven continents before she is 30 — with a notebook, pen, and Go-Pro in hand.

Taylor Walker
Taylor Walker is a multimedia journalist and recent Boston University graduate. She enjoys long walks to the newsroom and finding breaking stories. She yearns to use her voice as a microphone to share the narratives of others, report on issues that affect society, and be an agent of change through her coverage. This adopted Northerner hails from the heart of Atlanta. She now resides in New Hampshire as an employee of WMUR-TV and prays for sun daily.